5 key tips to Make Your Desk Work Harder


ABL flat screen monitor arms are designed to offer you maximum flexibility within your workplace. From our experience, we have come to learn that your office’s productivity is dependent on the ergonomics of your office’s supplies.

ABL only offers products which have passed our quality control screening, and exceeded our client’s expectations, with so much evidence of bad posture resulting in both physical and mental deterioration, we pride ourselves on offering products which alleviate these woes. All of ABL’s products are designed to encourage correct posture.

Ultimately, being restricted by a poorly designed monitor arm – or not having one at all – is bad for your joints and muscles, this inevitably lessens your output and puts you in a bad mood. We have devised a comprehensive list of workplace habits that you should get in the habit of doing. Enacting these lessons, alongside ABL’s expert products – will make your desk work harder.

Good posture at the office is top of the list

I am sure you are sick of hearing this one – but considering that you spend just shy of 2000 hours at work a year – it is vital to have an upright posture. This doesn’t just mean your back, it also relates to your neck, wrist and shoulders. Follow this link for a few tips on how to better your posture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnpHLxlj3fQ

Take a Break at work

This tip is all too easy to ignore. You may be rushing to finish a document or just in the mood to relax at your desk. The traditional standard is to take a break every hour, but the optimal time would be every 25 to 30 minutes. That’s not a mental break either – it’s physically getting up, moving around, and stretching. This increases your productivity and also helps your body gets the activity it requires to stay healthy.

Standing at your desk is not an easy fix

A few years ago, people assumed that standing desks would resolve issues staying sedentary for extended periods of time. That is not necessarily true; sitting down all day is equally as harmful as standing all day.

Standing all day has definite advantages in that it allows you to burn calories and keep your legs active but it can result in cardiovascular issues and lower back pains.

Many offices have a split between employees who prefer to stand or sit. What is most important, though, is for all employees to stay active – whether sitting or standing.

Be dynamic in your workplace

You may see a theme starting to appear amongst these tips. It is about being dynamic so that you are not desk-bound for too long.

Make opportunities to readjust your posture. Whether that is standing while talking on the phone, having a meeting in a circle, brainstorming outside the office and so on. If the task does not require you to be in your standard position, then mix it up!

If you can work remotely, take your laptop to the café or down the road. Variety is key and it’s just a simple action to cut up your day and increase your productivity.

A healthy body = a healthy workplace

Sedentary jobs can make people less likely to physical activity outside of the work. If you are going home and watching TV on your couch or bed, then it is likely your overall energy levels are not being optimised.

Be the one to go grab the team a coffee, or help with collecting the mail, it will have immediate benefits inside and outside of the office.


So much evidence lends itself towards sitting and standing without moving to be harmful. It’s time to rethink your office set up with ABL’s full range of screen monitor arms.

Our range of products will revolutionise your workspace with world-class ergonomics. A key component of these monitor arms is manoeuvrability and customisation which promotes employee well-being.

Call ABL today on 01933 400 080 to reinvigorate your workplace and make your desk work harder.