ABL BSI Kitemark Certified Products – Quality, Safety and Trust

ABL BSI Kitemark

For the last two years we have been the proud bearers of the BSI Kitemark certification for the sockets incorporated into our Power Modules.

The BSI Kitemark gives a product an immediate level of high quality. The Kitemark is hard earned through rigorous tests at a BSI Centre of Excellence, combined with ongoing auditing and factory production control. This gives ABL products the trusted recognition that opens new markets and opportunities time and time again, it also signifies reduced risk for our dealer’s clients.

According to our recent survey: ABL’s Kitemark Certification – KM686563

Our dealers have stated that the recognition of consistent quality and performance provided by the Kitemark, combined with the quality assurance measures of our production process, provides trust and reassurance in the company’s products.

Minimum regulation requirement, BS6396 : This British Standard specifies requirements for the safe provision and assembly of electrical power, data and telecommunications distribution systems in office furniture, educational furniture and office screens. BS 6396 is a standard relating to the installation of electrical systems as a whole and all ABL products are manufactured in-house to ensure compliance with it.

  • No more than six sockets (3.15 amps) are allowed per 230V power supply
  • The electrical system shall be rated for a total normal load of 13A
  • No single item of equipment of a rated voltage higher than 250V or rated current higher than 5A shall be connected to the furniture
  • For multiple socket outlets fuse protection must be used for the individual sockets. Every single ABL power module with UK socket has a spare fuse.
  • Power supply cords must not exceed 2m in visible length on exit from the desk clamp.
  • The final installation must be subjected to an electrical test.
  • All extraneous metal work should be earthed. Items of office furniture, intended to be earthed, shall be provided with an earthing terminal that shall be connected to the earth terminal of the power module.