Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

The foundation of any successful workplace safety  is one that encourages employees to identify unsafe behaviors and opportunities for improvement, whilst also making well-informed safety decisions during daily routine tasks.
Whether you’re working from your office, a dedicated home office or at your kitchen table, good ergonomics are necessary to maintain good overall health and help prevent back, shoulder and neck pain.
There are various options, such as Monitor Arms, Sit Stand Desk Solutions and Laptop Holders.
Ergonomics are not the only thing we should pay attention to.
Electrical devices such as power modules and smart chargers are commonly used in the home office environment.
A typical home office will use laptops, lamps, printers, and even additional monitors that require extra sockets – it makes sense to adopt the same office safety standards in your home office.
Much safer than opting to use extension leads and lower cost imports that carry potential hazards.

All ABL UK products come with the BSI Kite Mark Certification – tested to greater degree than the industry standard CE –  Self Certification.
We are the only UK Manufacturer to hold this Accreditation for ALL it’s power modules.

Choose safety for all your home workers and make them aware of their surroundings.