Benefits of using a Flat Screen Monitor Arm

ABL provides the very best in ergonomic office desk accessories to keep employees workspace clean and efficient.

ABL’s budget monitor arm Strela, has been designed with a range of benefits including:

  • A low price point to maximise your profit margins
  • Easily assembled and installed
  • Functional design with height, tilt and rotation adjustability
  • Available in silver, white and black to complement the finished look of any office environment
  • Suitable for single or double screen set-ups
  • Holding capacity: 10kg
  • Space saving on the desk

Strela’s low cost lends itself to the perfect solution for projects with a limited budget, meaning the benefits offered by using quality monitor arms are now affordable to all. Strela’s features include rotation, tilt and height adjustability, allowing for workstations to be tailored to optimum user level, and its robust design means a wide range of monitor weights and sizes can be accommodated. Strela has been designed to hold up to 10kg in weight and is therefore not required to be tightly adjusted as the tension of the arm may become compromised. Strela is easy to install and comes in popular colours – black, white and silver.

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Alternatively feel free to visit our resource center where you can download product information on Strela including the technical specification, sizing sheet and instructions.

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