Compact. Colourful. Curved. Chroma.

Introducing colour to your desk

 ABL’s new Chroma range hits the UK market with full power!

A sleek new power module featuring colour, new clamping mechanisms and rapid smart charge makes the Chroma power module stand out from the crowd!

ABL believes that new product development is essential in an ever-changing market and, through listening to customer feedback, we have upgraded our best-selling DTK module to bring you our latest innovation.

Curved, colourful, compact; our new Chroma is a practical and stylish addition to your desktop.  Its neat design and customisable endcaps provide an exciting refresh to a firm customer favourite, while retaining all of the features that have made the DTK so popular.

This new range of power modules offer power when you need it via its smart charge and power socket ports. Additionally Chroma, supplied with data and media connections allows the end user to connect a variety of devices easily.

Each and every one of ABL’s power modules are also equipped with a spare fuse, making their products unique and bespoke!

Chroma has been specially designed to allow the end user to place the unit onto their desk effortlessly. The module can be fixed in such a way that the clamps offer both bottom fix (as they currently are) or top fix! The new clamps will secure Chroma making it strong and durable!

Good things come in small packages!

The compact power module complements any office desk with its range of interchangeable rings available in blue, red, yellow, green and standard black and white. Like all of our power modules, Chroma is manufactured by ABL. Every single power module is moulded, designed and tested to British standards in our warehouse based in Europe.

Chroma is available with a range of UK power sockets as well as including the excellent smart charge features.

Want more information on our fantastic new range? View them here or call our sales team on 0800 082 1444. We’d love to hear from you!

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