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ABL Level-C Type F socket

Power outlets that need to be installed from one corner to another are one of the elements that could influence the final design.

If you are searching for cutting-edge and creative power solutions ABL has recently launched its Level-C, available now the in-desk power module is the perfect option for power and data distribution. It is made to encourage effortless workstation comfort and productivity.

Level-C power modules can be ordered with any combination of fast chargers, country-specific AC power outlets, and a full variety of interchangeable multimedia interfaces. All this while coming in two classic colours of black and white with a silver profile as a standard. The power module is certified with the IEC 60884-1:2002 + A1:2006, and IEC 60884-2-7:2011 + A1:2013 (Europe) and complies with the BS 5733, which attests to its safety standards.

Using quality-controlled procedures by ISO 9001:2015, all Level- C power modules are entirely produced in-house. ABL’s power modules are put through testing at approved labs of certification companies twice a year, and before each product leaves production, internal quality control is performed.

All sockets have built-in spare fuses that are patented by ABL. To comply with BS 6396, there is a choice of up to four sockets with 5A fuses and up to six sockets with 3.15A.


Level-C G type socket              ABl Level-C power module


The Level- C power module is flat with to the surface and suitable for desks with a thickness of as little as 10 mm, making it possible to install it quickly and easily. The Level-C power module also supports the IMP System (Interchangeable Multimedia Plate). Integration with this technology means that when you want to add new or replace existing data or audio-visual connections, you will not need to replace the entire device. Without the need for specific tools or engineers, it makes module replacement incredibly simple, prolonging the lifespan of your goods and offering a future-proof solution.

It becomes the perfect option for office spaces, conference rooms, meeting rooms, and other similar co-working spaces that demand efficient and effective power distribution due to its ease of installation and convenience in power and data distribution in larger spaces.

Not all power solutions will work in every workplace setting. The number of people that require charging of devices like PCs, laptops, or mobile phones, the size of the rooms, and the frequency of power usage in that room or those rooms are some of the elements that will decide the kind of power solution most suited for that work environment. As a result of its adaptability and the availability of various power socket types that differ depending on the region in which they are installed, Level-C tends to consider all these factors.

Level-C also allows for the possibility of panel installation that helps people with varying needs to use the power module in the routine they want it to adapt to. Since it offers a new aesthetic, simple installation procedure, compliance with practically all safety regulations and use in all working environments, this new and revolutionary power module disrupts the market.


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