Emerging trends 2018: Collaborative Spaces

In the first of our series looking at the top emerging trends for office environments in 2018, we are looking at the rise of collaborative work spaces, or break out areas.  Pioneered by companies like Google, this flexible approach to working is increasingly being incorporated into office designs.

A collaborative work space offers colleagues the opportunity to convene and share ideas, and are often comfortable, open spaces.  These zones are often multi-functional, catering for impromptu meetings, short breaks away from a computer, or for eating lunch.

Providing somewhere for employees to step away from their desks and gather in a relaxed environment allows more freedom for creativity. It’s important, however, that this is more than just a recreational space – it must be functional too.

Our Port El and Aero Flip modules provide discreet power for laptops and can also be provided with Smart Charge USB ports. The handy, optional HDMI connection will also allow your team to bring their ideas to life on a shared screen, while the addition of an audio socket provides some privacy by accommodating the use of headphones*.

ABL appreciates that every business is different, and a part of this understanding is realising that there is no perfect way to setup your office space. Our mission is to ensure that our products match your requirements and requests. Whether you need a face lift or a complete overhaul, ABL will make sure that your visions become a reality!

ABL – Helping you work Faster, Tidier, Smarter!

*Please call our friendly sales team on 0800 082 1444 to find out available configurations.