Home office – be the Game Changer

How do you make sure you’re as comfortable and productive as possible when working from home?

As part of our mission to help people thrive by creating workspaces that look after wellbeing first, we are giving you guidelines on how to create a healthy working environment for your team and for those who are working from home.

A well-designed home office is a lot more than just a desk with a table lamp. It needs to be an entity, a comfortable space with good lighting, where things get done and it must, foremost, promote productivity. Ideally, a home office is situated in a spare bedroom, away from the living areas, in order to be quiet enough. If it happens to have a separate entrance that clients and co-workers can use then you’ve hit the jackpot. Unfortunately, that is not a scenario for most and therefore, one has to do the most with what’s at hand to create a workspace that works with you.

The absence of a stress-free zone that promotes a more casual vibe is a counter-productive factor. Therefore, do allocate a little corner where you’ll be able to unwind and brainstorm. Having a small art gallery wall with inspiring images may just help do the trick. A corkboard or whiteboard may be ideal for posting reminders and ideas.


All of the ideas above are completely up to you but electrification is one of the necessary pre requirements that enable you the luxury of working from the coziness of your home. Elegantly designed and practical power modules can perfectly fit into your comfy working area without disturbing the overall impression. If you want to keep your good posture and avoid slouch related back problems, get your own monitor arm. Accompanied with the appropriate office accessories, you can make your own little haven. And last but not least, stay calm and relaxed in the safety of your own home and enjoy every minute of it.