How our products can help support compliance with British Standards

Here at ABL we supply a wide range of products to support compliance with BS6396, which relates to the installation of electrical systems in office and educational furniture.  Below are some examples of the requirements and how our products are designed with this standard in mind:

“The electrical system shall be rated for a total normal load of 13A”

All of our modules connect to the mains supply with a 13A plug, with the appropriate fuses used for the number of sockets.

“For multiple socket outlets fuse protection must be used for the individual sockets”

Every socket in an ABL module comes with our patented spare fuse.  We also use slow-blow fuses, which means they can withstand surge currents generated by turning equipment on and off.

“Power supply cords must not exceed 2m in visible length on exit from the desk clamp”

Our mains leads are supplied separately from the power modules in various lengths to suit the individual office layout.  This can help ensure there are no dangerous and unsightly trailing cables.  We also supply a range of cable management products to keep all leads organised and tidy.

“All extraneous metalwork should be earthed”

All of our under-desk modules are supplied with a detachable earth lead.  This allows the module to be earthed to the desk, where this is required.

“Provide the user with instructions concerning the safe installation and use of the furniture”

Every ABL power module and monitor arm are supplied with an instruction sheet for the end user.  The instruction sheets are also available on our website for download.

If you would like any further information on BS6396 please contact our friendly sales team on 0800 082 1444.

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