How to avoid Cable Management chaos

Working in an office environment generally means having lots of laptops/ PC’s and devices which help every employee connect with the world. Unfortunately, such devices also come with a range of wires which means cables are on and under desks. Cable chaos under employees’ desks can be hazardous as cables are not seen and therefore left unattended for months or even years but the importance of keeping such cables organised will allow better safety practice and installation or removal of devices.

ABL are proud to offer a range of office furniture accessories including our range of cable spines and wire baskets. Not only do they allow users to add or remove cables easily, but they ensure that they are protected which avoid damages!

Avoid damaging cables

Under desk cable management should be addressed in every office, it not only promotes tidiness under the office desk but also helps to stop cables getting damaged! Tangled cables can be very frustrating and are likely to be a violation of the British Standard BS6396,  as they could be in danger of becoming pinched and frayed, damaging the outer protection and exposing live wires. Having an organised platform to place cables easily allows users to update and change devices if necessary, along with complying to all British standards.

Health and safety

The wellbeing of each employee in the work place is crucial. Its extremely important to provide facilities to help your office space work in accordance with health and safety standards. Its best to ensure all cables are neatly organised under desks to avoid trip hazards and to maintain a clean office.

Organised office environment

Staying organised is great but looking good is a bonus! Our range of sit stand cable management spines are available in black, white or silver. They provide a neat finish to your office space, while supporting compliance with British Standards as the internal segregation keeps power and data connections separate, preventing interference. Our popular wire baskets complement any desk as they come in a range of sizes and are installed with ease.

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