In-House Production of Bespoke Power Modules

A fact about ABL of which some customers may not be aware, is that our entire range of power modules are manufactured 100% in-house at our ISO accredited production facility in Europe.

One of the main benefits of this in-house production and design facility is that whenever a customer requires a bespoke or standard power module configuration we can respond quickly to meet their exact specification. This can be a change of plug configuration, the type of charging point, number of USB plug ins or other data connection.

Having access to our own in-house production also allows us to efficiently support our customers by delivering high-quality products that meet all the EU and UK health and safety compliance regulations that are relevant to every working environment.

Our mission to produce high quality desktop power products began 12 years ago, in Central Eastern Europe, when we first started making cables and semi-finished plastic products. With a desire for further progress, just a year later, we started making power modules. Thanks to our many years of experience, we now have a fully equipped design and manufacturing facility which employs a team of expert product designers, production operatives, technicians, quality control specialists and warehouse staff.

Our in-house production is a semi-automated production line of seven work stations, where a team of 50 skilled technicians assemble the product as it progresses along the line. These processes require sophisticated communication systems, material flow plans, and production schedules right from development through to distribution.

The assembly line process ends with a rigorous quality control inspection where every power module is issued with a unique QR code for tracking purposes, following which the products are carefully packaged ready to deliver to our network of wholesale suppliers who then supply architects, office and workplace designers who need desktop power modules, monitor arms and cabling solutions for office expansion, new build or refurbishment projects.

Out factory produces in excess of 1 million power sockets per annum.

Finally, because all of our power modules are manufactured in Europe, they all have EUR1 form which provides tax free import for our customers within the EU.

Combined together, our streamlined production processes and the central European location of our two distribution centres deliver various environmental and economic benefits and enable us to promptly deliver quality products at competitive prices in large or small volumes.