Introducing Interchangeable Multimedia Plates (IMP SYSTEM)

Introducing IMP 2

Technology is ever changing, with new trends and devices available monthly. Over the recent decades we have seen mobile phones, used only for basic communication, replaced with Smart Phones which can be updated and customised to our own specifications. This has enabled us to condense many former devices; calculators, cameras, MP3 players, computers and many more, into one compact unit. The same has been seen with AV and Data connections. VGA was superseded with HDMI, USB C will, in time, replace USB A whereas USB data transfer port has reached its third generation.

Does this mean that with each new development we have to replace the whole system that our devices interact with?

Our new system of Interchangeable Multimedia Plates (IMP), means you won’t have to replace an entire product when you wish to add new, or replace existing data or audio-visual connections. It enables module replacement with great ease, without the use of special tools or engineers, extending the lifecycle of your products, and providing a future proof solution.

Both IMP system and all modular parts are manufactured in-house to ensure compliance with British Standards. This recognition of consistent quality and performance signifies reduced risk for the purchaser and the end-user; and when surveyed, consumers have stated that the Kitemark provides trust and reassurance in the company’s products.