Introducing the new dynamic flat screen monitor arm

SIGMA, the latest edition to our ergonomic range of desk top monitor arms, is quick and easy to assemble and facilitates the mounting of single and twin monitors.

SIGMA is lightweight, yet it will still support up to 8kg (single arm).  Tidy cable management is also a key feature with black mounting clips integrated into the arm to avoid unsightly cables dangling.

Available in black or white with black insert clips, SIGMA can be installed easily in minutes, with both edge and through desk clamping options to securely mount to the desk.

Each arm has a reach of 550mm, with VESA centre heights ranging from 45mm to 170mm, making it much easier for users to have screens positioned correctly. SIGMA can easily tilt, swivel and reposition to ensure the correct viewing preferences are met with ease.

SIGMA is a fantastic addition to complement our range of monitor arms which also includes STRELA which we introduced last year alongside our other very popular monitor arm – FSA.

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