Leading UK office accessories manufacturer and Brexit

The result of the British referendum has shocked the whole world and the long-winded process of Brexit never appears to be ending.

With the uncertainty looming over Brexit and UK businesses, ABL would like to ensure all customers that business will commence as per usual from Thursday 31st October. ABL are proud to work with our European partners based in Serbia and will ensure that our full range of power modules, flat screen monitor arms, CPU Holders and Cable Spines will still be available as per usual regardless of what deal is made. ABL’s supply chain will be not affected with Brexit.

ABL are proud to offer a range of ergonomic office furniture accessories at prices to suit our customer database. Our range of innovative products will continue to grow and keep up with emerging trends. We strive to provide first class customer service and will keep everyone informed of any business updates regarding costs, staff, product availability and stock levels. With UK businesses and customers left with uncertainty over Brexit, it is very hard to determine what happens next, but with new exciting news and ventures ahead, ABL would like to look forward to a positive 2020.