New from ABL: C-Type Smart Charge

It can be difficult to keep up with fast-paced technological changes, or to know which products are needed to ensure your latest office project is covering all of your customer’s requirements. Choosing an ABL power module can help as our industry expertise means we will always be able to advise and supply innovative and reliable products.

As part of our ongoing product development, ABL are excited to announce our new Smart Charge component featuring both A+C type charging, giving your customers the support needed for their current and future devices.

What are USB-A and USB-C?

Most current and older devices feature a USB-A type port, which is the larger, standard USB connection we are used to seeing. Type-C is the emerging standard for many new devices and features a smaller, reversible connector socket.

ABL Smart Charges have previously been supplied with 2x Type A charging sockets, however the new Smart Charge provides sockets for both Type-A and Type-C and utilises the more powerful USB-PD Power Delivery. Providing both socket types in the Smart Charge means all types of devices, old and new, are catered for and your installations are future proofed.

Who is using Type-C Charging?

C-Type charging is quickly becoming the standard for power delivery in the latest devices.

How much faster is Type-C?

USB-PD can charge your device up to 70% faster than standard charging 5W charging. When you’re looking for an urgent battery boost, a quick 10 minute charge may be all you need!

Why choose and ABL A+C Smart Charge?

ABL works closely with industry leaders to develop products that are custom built for Power Delivery. Engineered for safety, efficiency and durability, ABL cables and chargers are accredited or approved for compatibility.

The new Smart Charge is available for ordering now and  compatible with various ABL power modules, please call our friendly and experienced team on +44(0) 1933 400 080 or contact for more information.