Office Power Modules and fan heaters


Winter is here and the number one priority is to keep warm and safe!

The cold weather we’ve been experiencing has caused some uncomfortable working temperatures, leaving workers up and down the country looking for ways to warm up.

Hats, jumpers, coats and gloves can keep us warm outside but don’t really cut it in the office place which is why the radiators and heaters are usually the most popular solution to stay warm during the dull winter days.

One of the latest trends to join us in the office are fan heaters. Surely this is a great solution, right? It keeps each individual warm, doesn’t disturb any other staff members and is a quick and easy solution to keep temperatures up. It seems like a great idea, but it is always very important to check how much Amp your fan heater is using as office power modules do not support products such as these.

If your fan heater is rated higher than your power module socket, it will need to be plugged directly into the mains supply.

ABL power modules are supplied with 3.15 amp fused sockets, so check the fuse requirements of your device before plugging them in – this can usually be found on the plug.

As a rule, any item of equipment rated in excess of 3.15 Amp, MUST have a separate power supply, therefore items such as Vacuum Cleaners, Kettles, Coffee Makers and Fan Heaters should not be connected via these power modules.

If you are unsure on Amp fuses or need any support, feel free to give us a call on +44 (0) 1933 400 080.

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