Port- El 2 Charge your device the smart way

ABL’s new and improved port-El range is the multi configuration grommet module capable of delivering a range of power and data direct to your desktop. It also includes the popular “smart charge” the most powerful USB charger on the market.

This fantastic new power module developed from the original range now features the new and improved clamping mechanism making it more robust and durable. This in turn allows the end user to easily plug in and from the module without loosening or damaging the desk or module!

This sleek desktop power module has revolutionised the way we charge our devices. Not only does it offer the power required to fully charge a smart phone or device, but also provides a stylish finish to the office desk.

New features include the new power light and double smart charge USB facilities providing more space for additional ports including HDMI and data ports.

ABL’s range of power modules are designed and moulded in their own warehouse based in Europe. Products are tested on function and cosmetic appearance as well as complying to British standards. Customers can have peace of mind knowing they have a quality product that operates safely, free from inferior imported components. All power modules are equipped with a spare fuse that is patented to ABL!

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