Fusion White Power Module, Silver Profile 2xSchuko 1xSC (A+C) 1xTunnel

We supply and distribute a comprehensive range of desktop power modules for office and educational establishments. Our power modules include sleek and innovative designs with fantastic new configurations including Smart Charge A+C.


Fusion is a custom-made, very discreet, under desk solution convenient for offices, hotels, restaurants, and lounges. Completely configurable with the choice of various socket types, USB charge socket, and media connections.

It is available in Black or White, with Silver profile. Silver metal brackets enable easy installation.

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  • The unit complies with BS 5733
  • The module is available in Black or White, with Silver, aluminum profile
  • Completely configurable, available in up to six sockets, USB charge sockets, and media connections
  • Silver, metal brackets enable easy under desk installation
  • All standard options come with 0.5m drop lead to 3 Pole Connector

Smart Charge
Socket B Type
Socket E Type
Socket F Type
Socket G Type