Sigma Single Monitor Arm

The well-being of employees in the office space is becoming more vital, and the number one cause of lower neck pain is due to incorrect monitor positions. ABL is proud to offer a range of monitor arms designed to easily move and position the screen to the correct eye level. Our fantastic range of Flat Screen Monitor Arms includes FSA, Strela, and Sigma


ABL’s new flat-screen monitor arm Sigma is quick to assemble and easy to use monitor arm facilitating the needs of single or double monitors. The effortless design allows the installer to fit the arm in minutes and the rotation/ swivel features make it easy to meet the needs of the end-user, as they can place the screen at the correct height to avoid neck and back tension. Sigma is available in white and black and is equipped with white or black inserts.

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  • Supports up to 8kg in weight each arm
  • Available in White or Black
  • Available as a single or twin arm
  • Equipped with both Top Fix and Through Desk Clamps
  • Screen size (Single only) 17″ – 32″


1 Sigma
2 Sigma