Universal CPU Holder

A CPU holder is a piece of equipment that allows you to raise your under-desk CPU from the floor to avoid damages to the unit.  ABL’s range of CPU holders can meet all your needs as we offer a range of under desk and mobile CPU holders which will in return help your team save space around the office.


Work Faster, Tidier and Smarter by freeing up space with our range of BCPU holders

Our CPU holders will help maximise space, provide better access to cables/ ports and reduce damages to the PC.

Please note: Our products are not for direct sale. See our 'How to buy' section for more information or contact us and we will be happy to help

  • Simple ‘Strap’ CPU Holder
  • Easily adjusted to suit most ‘Tower’ CPU’s
  • Strong and robust – factory tested to 20Kg
  • Available in silver only