Promote a stress free work station with the correct ergonomic office accessories

It is a well-known fact that employees are a company’s greatest asset and as awareness of the importance of personal well being grows, employees everywhere are looking for ways to best support workers health and happiness! International stress awareness week takes place from today until Friday 8th November. This week has been created to provide a platform for organisations to discuss stress related issues with employees as well as to help those who are suffering to seek advice from available resources including HR.

A variety of issues may arise in the work place but many matters such as incorrect posture are often forgotten or overlooked.

One cause of back pain can be due to poor posture, particularly if you are seating at a desk, looking at a computer screen all day. The basics for good office ergonomics have not been followed such as desks at the right height, having the right posture whilst seated in the chair, the use of footrests, and using adjustable monitor arms to ensure the screen is at the right height. This can therefore lead to back and neck strain. A recent study conducted on Sky News shows “Emma” The life-sized model showing what employees could look like in 20 years’ time if changes in the office are not addressed. View full article here:

Helping customers work Faster, Tidier and Smart is what we do. Employees are known as a company’s greatest asset, therefore providing the correct work space is crucial. Accessories including flat screen monitor arms are a great addition to any work station as the correct viewing preference can be met with ease. ABL’s range of monitor arms including Strela, FSA and newly released Sigma suit the needs or every employee. They are easy to install and help promote the correct working posture.

  • Our range of monitor arms are available to support up to 6 monitors.
  • Additionally, our monitor arms support ranges of weights from 8kg to maximum 13kg or 20kg. Therefore, there is a plethora of monitor arms supporting a range of different weights, the options are endless!
  • Monitor arms are available with various clamps and colours to suit your office theme/ layout.

Leaning down to plug your laptop or device chargers in can be a struggle and could lead to trip hazards and accidents. ABL’s range of on desk, in desk and under desk power modules lead the way to help avoid such accidents. ABL’s range of power modules have been designed to charge office devices quickly and efficiently. All modules have been tested and comply to BS6396.

Help promote a healthy, stress free work space in your office. For more information on our range of ergonomic office accessories call our friendly sales team on +44 (0)1933 400 080.