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What makes a monitor arm so useful? Spotlight on ABL’s HAFSA range

During my professional development, I have noticed the rising use of phone books on the office desk for all the wrong reasons! These books have been used to hold the pc monitor to raise height for the so called “best viewing experience” and to create a sort of structure for the monitor…

Aside from the poor construction and lack of adjustability, this very bad option doesn’t allow the end user to fully benefit from the potential desk space available, adjustability of the screen and most importantly health benefits.

ABL are recognised for their range ergonomic office accessories including their range of monitor arms!

ABL’s monitor arms are designed to hold flat screens, allowing the end user to adjust height, angles and viewing preferences, which in return helps employees reap the rewards of correct posture in the work place. 

There are many different types of monitor arms available in the UK market, but our HAFSA range has all the ergonomic features you need to work Faster, Tidier and Smarter!

ABL’s HAFSA range known as the articulated flat screen arm presents a selection of ergonomic features making it a must have on every desk!

Health and safety comes first

“The number one cause of lower neck pain is due to incorrect monitor positioning”

It is well established that the centre of a screen needs to be positioned at eye level. This allows the user to overcome neck and upper spine problems. It also addresses the critical distance between the human eye and the screen.

Providing an easily adjustable monitor arm enables the user to position and adjust the screen as they wish.

Space savers!

Finding space on your desk can sometimes be extremely frustrating. Desk space can become very cluttered and disorganised with heaps of paperwork, devices and coffee cups! Although being messy can be seen as a positive characteristic, (as discussed in our previous blog available here) It can be rather frustrating to find anything or organise those important documents. Monitor arms can be seen as a very useful accessory to the desk as it allows the monitor screen to disappear from the desk and hover over it thereby freeing desk space and removal of those old books!

Screen viewing at its best

Be it 1, 2 or 5 screens, our HAFSA range can facilitate your needs!  Our range of HAFSA flat-screen monitor arms can hold up to five monitors and with a range of fixing options including desk, wall, and clamping tools, there will be a solution to suit everyone’s needs. Our HAFSA range is also available in White, Silver and Black to complement your existing colour schemes.

Every office is unique

ABL appreciates that every business is different and unique and therefore provides a range of ergonomic solutions to facilitate every office space. Not only do our range of monitor arms complement the office desk but also feature wall clamping (tool rail mounted arms) therefore the adaptability to the monitor screen is quick and easy!

Want more information on our range of monitor arms? Give us a call on 01933 400 080. We’d love to hear from you!

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