ABL Power for Science and Technology Park in Cacak

Science and Technology Park Cacak


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Project Outline

One year after the opening of the start-up centre, the Science Technology Park Cacak can boast with yet another of its sites. This year, in the presence of the State President, the Prime Minister and high Government officials, the fourth Science Technology Park (STP) was opened in Serbia. Together with the ones located in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis, it represents a pillar of the modern Serbia. We are extremely proud that our company was a part of this project and that we equipped this business space with our latest products that will definitely contribute to the innovation progress. The occupants have our Chroma, Port El and Conference power modules at their full disposal as well as wireless chargers. We are also very grateful to our interlocutor in this interview, the director of the STP Cacak, Mirko Pesic. You can find his replies in the text below.

What does STP Cacak do?

The prime business of the STP Cacak is to enable strong alliance between the economy, science and research by means of implementing fresh ideas and with the aim of enhancing the competitiveness of our local economy. STP Cacak offers their infrastructural, managing and technical support to the innovative and newly founded enterprises, thus enabling their further growth and development by professional support and technological transfers in the academical and research departments.

When was the idea of expansion born?

The economy of the city of Cacak was the initiator of the capacity growth in the form of a manufacturing hall used as a business area so that the innovative and start-up companies can have adequate requirements for the development of their products and services.

What was the cost of the investment?

The cost of the infrastructure was 270 million RSD and the equipment cost 60 million.

How many companies use the facility at the moment

There are 12 companies that use our facilities at the moment and the capacity is 80% full.

What made you opt for ABL products in this new business space?

In this newly founded business space, we use ABL products in our Community zone. Domestic production and product quality, as well as its functionality, made us choose ABL. Multifunctional connections are really widely used among the occupants.

How many permanent employees does STP Cacak have ?

STP Cacak has two permanent employees so far in the positions of –

  • Director
  • Manager for Business development


Port El Schuko

Project Outcome

ABL Chroma at STP

“Investment in the development is a prerequisite for business success. STP Cacak exists in order for the imaginative and technological development inventions to become finalized business initiatives in the market.”

Mirko Pesic – Director