The 4 Best Offices in the World

The team at ABL has picked out 4 of our favourite offices from around the world. Before cracking into our picks, let’s take a look at why offices are so vital to the success of your business.

Offices reflect your culture

The design of your office influences your most important asset – people. The essential part here is to have an office design that motivates and drives people. Good office design can also make your staff more efficient which has real-world cost benefits. An office is a reflection of your brand so try to create a space that aligns with the nature and vision of your business.
If collaboration is at the heart of your business then make sure you have an office space that gets people flowing freely, not clumped behind a piece of wood. If your business has a flat management structure, then open up meeting areas and partitions accordingly (take note of Mark Zuckerberg’s office arrangement).

An office fit out is an investment

Unenjoyable workspaces are likely to hinder your employees from working at optimal levels. Bad design and bad functionality result in lowered output – it’s that simple. Your staff are not a cost, they are an investment. Don’t let a poorly designed or messy office lessen their ability to add value.
On the client-facing side, it is important to exhibit an office that makes your business look more successful, trustworthy, and professional. The difference between winning over a new client, or employee, can be decided by the look and feel of your office.

Offices are second homes

A staggering amount of time gets spent in your office each year, roughly 1,920 hours. If you consider the thought that went into the décor and layout of your house – why not apply the same patience and thoughtfulness to your office?
Generally, creative businesses such as digital agencies, design studios and media outlets have bright pops of colours vs. law firms and accounting firms which have subtler features. Either way, what’s most important is creating an environment that resonates with your employees.

ABL are here to put you best foot forward

ABL’s product meet at the intersection of comfort and productivity. Our power modules are all manufactured in our own purpose built factory – allowing for optimal power levels and reliability. We further our offering with flat screen monitor arms.

These products are designed to increase your workflow through pinpoint-accurate ergonomics and convenience. Our monitor arms can be repositioned easily to ensure your employees have their computers at the ideal viewing angle.

Ok, so now we have the theory behind creating a world class workspaces, let’s take a look at the office enacting these principles.

Selgas Cano Architecture Office – Madrid, Spain

“Spainish architecture firm Selgas Cano designed and built this incredible sunken office, which gives their employees a unique bug’s eye view of the colourful forest around them. Situated in madrid the streamlined space is encapsulated by a curving glass wall that provides gorgeous views of the surrounding forest while completely eliminating the need for artificial lighting during the day.” –

Urban Outfitters: Philadelphia, USA

“Built from the shell of a dilapidated navy shipyard in Philadelphia, the 100+ year old campus of Urban Outfitters has breathed creative life back into the once industrious building complex. Designed by Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle, the 350,000+ sqft project provides an epic backdrop for the brands it houses – Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie – to call home.” –

Google: London, UK

“With a focus on comfort, relaxation and efficiency, the Google London HQ gives a huge nod to all things typically British – from Union Jack-covered walls in reception and ‘Secret Garden’ areas up on the roof, to a 200-seater ‘Town Hall’ meeting room, ‘Granny Flat’ area complete with rocking chairs and cosy vintage furnishings, and even an allotment space where Googlers can plant herbs and vegetables. Ping pong tables, it seems, are SO last year.” – Stylist

White Mountain Office – Stockholm, Sweden

“The first thing Karlung remembers about the sealed room inside the nuclear bunker he renovated six years ago, is its murky odor. It smelled like a crypt. Then, looking around, Karlung’s crypt felt more like a flashback machine. “It looked like something from childhood,” he says. “With these ’70s green and orange colors. It was like a time capsule that had not been renovated or changed since the 1970s.” That bunker, called Pionen White Mountains is located just south of Stockholm. Nearly 20 years after Sweden’s Civil Defense decommissioned it, Karlung converted it into a data centre.” – Wired


Unlock your offices potential

ABL is on a mission to revolutionise your workspace. We care about maximising your office through faster, tidier, and smarter products. From cable management and flat screen monitor arms to power modules and CPU holders, we provide the solutions your company needs to go the extra step. Enquire today for how ABL can unlock your office’s potential.