Trickle or treat? What’s the difference with USB smart charge and USB Data

ABL are proud to offer a range of in desk, on desk and under desk power modules to help you work faster, tidier and smarter. Our popular smart charge USB port is often mistaken with our USB data. They are both excellent configurations but offer difference services.

USB Smart Charge

Our latest smart charge facility is designed to meet the needs of the latest technology including Apple, Android, Kindles and Microsoft devices to name a few. Smart charge is now available as A+C charge to meet the needs of new charging platforms, it can also charge your device up to 70% faster than standard charging 5W charging. When you’re looking for an urgent battery boost, a quick 10-minute charge may be all you need! Our smart charge technology will never over charge or heat your device and will stop power transferring to your device once fully charged (100%).

The USB Smart Charge will not allow you to transfer data between two devices. This configuration will only allow you to charge devices.

USB Data

USB data also known as “Universal Serial Bus” is a configuration allowing users to transfer data from one device to the other via a memory stick or USB cable. This could include devices such as printers, scanners or even a computer mouse! It’s also a great way to take documents and data from an old computer and transfer them to your new one! Simply insert your memory USB stick into the USB configuration port and insert the USB cable into the back of the power module and one of the USB ports on your pc.

The USB data configuration will only supply a “trickle charge” to any device plugged in, including mobile phones.

USB Data transfer              USB Smart Charge

Trickle charge

The device battery will remain the same or increase by 1 or 2% within 2/3 hours if plugged into the 3.0 USB data port. Please refer to USB smart charge for charging purposes.

Only Include USB data in your power module if you need to use a device including a printer or a mouse or for data transfer use.

Only Include USB Smart Charge in your power module if you need to charge devices such as phones or tablets.

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