What is a CPU Holder?

A CPU holder is an office accessory which allows the end user to raise their under-desk CPU from the floor to avoid damages to the unit.  Our range of CPU holders can meet all your needs as we offer a variety of under desk and mobile CPU holders which will help your team save space around the office.

CPU holders not only provide space saving benefits but come with a range of features including reduction in damages, additional locking facilities and reducing heat build up.

  • ABL’s range of base CPU holders and mobile CPU holders are designed to help improve air circulation within the unit, this means your CPU will never overheat in our holder.
  • It can be quite frustrating when you need to move your CPU to connect leads and use ports including USB and Disc drives. Our base CPU holders make it more accessible to plug in USB’s or insert disks whilst sitting comfortably at your desk.
  • Another advantage of using a CPU holder is the cleanliness around your office as placing a CPU off the floor reduces dust build up and allows the end user to easily clean around the unit.
  • Additional locking sets and slide and turn mechanisms can be fitted later if you decide to upgrade your unit.

Our range of CPU units are also available in our FSA range known as SFFFSA which allow you to place the small CPU behind the monitor. This range is available with a single or twin arm. We also offer a universal CPU holder where the CPU unit is supported with a strap which can hold up to 20kg.

For more information on our full range of CPU holders, call our friendly sales team on +44 (0)1933 400 080.