What is the BSI Kitemark™ and what value does it add to ABL’s customers?

The BSI Kitemark™ is one of the world’s first well-established trust marks and has been providing confidence to consumers and businesses for over 100 years. The BSI Kitemark certification confirms that a product or service’s claim has been independently and repeatedly tested by experts.

As a highly trusted global assurance provider, BSI is helping ABL’s customers with making informed buying decisions, offering peace of mind that their Kitemark-certified purchases are tested and certified to be safe, reliable, and of high quality.

ABL’s area sales managers have established strong and long-lasting relationships with our comprehensive network of distributors and dealers, so they are often asked about our power module range safety and their BSI Kitemark, including the difference between our BSI Kitemark certification vs compliance with general legislation.

So, what is the BSI Kitemark and why is it so important to us, our clients, and the end users?

For our products to achieve the prestigious BSI Kitemark certification, they must meet the criteria set out in the relevant standard. The criteria is designed to incorporate compliance to general legislation and often goes beyond this in many crucial areas relating to product quality, safety, and performance. The process of achieving certification to the Kitemark is extensive, as products must be able to confirm quality and reliability. The continual assessment of our systems and product range means that ABL are always maintaining or improving our range to retain our Kitemark certification.

Since 2019 we have continued to maintain certification to the BS 5733 standard for our complete desking units. Our dedication to meeting the criteria of the Kitemark means that our partners can promote ABL’s Kitemark certified range with the BSI Kitemark logo alongside the products within promotional materials.

Many of our partners have stated that the recognition of consistent quality processes required by Kitemark certification, combined with the quality assurance measures of our production process provides trust and reassurance in ABL’s products.

In a world where safety is of paramount importance, the BSI Kitemark offers businesses and consumers the assurance that products have been expertly tested to market-leading standards of reliability, quality, and safety.  You can have trust and confidence in products and services that are BSI Kitemark certified.

If you would like to introduce ABL’s power modules certified with BSI Kitemark to your clients, get in touch with our Area Sales Managers:


UK & Ireland: email sales@abl-uk.com or call on 01933 400080

EMEA Region: email sales@abl.co.rs or call on 00381 32 420 100