What you need to know about in desk office power

Stay safe and smart in your office

What’s the difference between a normal plug and an office plug socket?

AC Power plugs also known as alternating current are used in buildings, offices, schools and even outdoors. Even though all plugs and sockets provide the same result, they differ in many ways including

  • Size
  • Sockets
  • Connections
  • Pins
  • Amp Usage
  • Voltage

ABL’s power modules are individually fused and allow compliance with BS 6396:2008.

Did you know that BS6396: 2008 – Electrical systems in office furniture and educational furniture are specifically designed to facilitate office devices including laptops, desktop computer, mobile phones, tablets and fax machine to name a few.

Power modules designed to comply to BS6396:2008 allow the end user to safely install and use their devices safely in the work place. ABL are proud to offer a “slow blow” fuse meaning that the module will never melt or burst. All our power modules use “self-extinguishing plastic” meaning that the module may disfigure if the fuse blows through incorrect use but will never catch on fire.

In desk, on desk and under desk modules are to be connected to the mains lead using a 13Amp plug. ABL offer a range of connector leads varying in size from 0.5m to 3m. You simply plug the fly lead from your ABL power module to your ABL mains lead, then plug the mains lead into the building electrical supply.

What makes these modules differ to domestic power sockets?

The main difference between a commercial and domestic power module is the amp usage. Sockets are individually fused with 3.15amp or 5amp. ABL are proud to be the number one UK supplier to supply an extra fuse in every power socket, which means that once the fuse blows you can easily replace the fuse and continue to use your devices. ABL’s power modules are developed and manufactured in Serbia under strict, high-quality UK production standards and in accordance with international standards. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to quickly produce bespoke power modules. Many leading supermarkets and large retailers assume that it is ok to address a power module to be used in offices to operate and charge devices however this is incorrect information as all power modules used in the office need to comply to British Standards 6396.

For more information on our range of power modules or for any other information on amp usage please contact our friendly sales team on +44 (0) 1933 400 080.

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