Why should computer screens be mounted on a monitor arm?

Ergonomic office accessories are designed to help the end user work efficiently and safely in the work place. Popular products including cable spines and flat screen monitor arms are becoming more and more popular as they promote a clean, organised and safe work environment. But why should computer screens or monitors be mounted on a monitor arm? ABL’s range of flat screen arms offer a range of benefits and designs to suit the needs of your office.

Help promote a comfortable work space – Easily move the Sigma, FSA or Strela flat screen monitor arm ranges to suit your viewing preferences. Each monitor arm available as a single or twin arm can tilt, rotate and can easily be adjusted to help support every team members viewing preferences. By adjusting each screen, employees can sit comfortably which in return will help reduce neck and back pain as the correct posture is met.

Space saving on the desk – Every employee likes to work in their own way. Be it a messy desk or a clean organised one, everyone would love an extra bit of space on their desk, what better way to promote this than offering a monitor arm will can be easily installed on every desk type. Our popular FSA arm is available as top fix, through desk and “C” clamp.

Improved employee productivity – Monitor arms create a comfortable working environment for employees since they are no longer having to constantly adjust their screen to get the perfect viewing preference. since our monitor arms are seamless and easily adjustable, this results in more time for your employees to focus on their work, further improving employee productivity and efficiency. It’s a win for all!

Facilitating the needs for more than one screen – Have more than one screen or work off a laptop and need an additional monitor screen holder? No worries at all! ABL offer a full range of single and twin arms which facilitate laptops, tablets and monitors. Our latest flat screen monitor arm range Sigma can even hold up to 20kg!

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