World wellbeing week

Helping promote a healthy work environment

It is a well-known fact that employees are a company’s greatest asset and as awareness of the importance of personal wellbeing grows, employees everywhere are looking for ways to best support workers health and happiness!

Employee wellbeing can be assisted in many ways including team building days, offering perks or even offering a range of activities and gaming rooms! Offices around the UK now host a range of benefits including gaming rooms, gyms and even laundry rooms! Why do such platforms exist? The main answer is to not only promote a fresh, healthy work space but to help every employee reach their full potential and become more productive at work.

Reducing stress in the work place is crucial and what better way to do that then offering a relaxation room, a pool table in the kitchen or even a break out space allowing employees to break away from the world of work for 30 minutes. Facilitating such demands is key and that’s where we come in!

ABL is proud to offer a range of products from cable management solutions to power modules which in return help every employee charge devices, keep offices clean and reduce the need to bend down to under desk plug points every time they want to charge their phone or tablet.

ABL offer a full range of power modules for use on, in and under the desk and each power module can be designed to meet the needs of various office types and spaces such as conference rooms and large office spaces as various configurations such as data, VGA and smart charge facilities are available.

Our range of power modules are also complemented with our selection of cable management solutions including wire baskets and spines which can nearly organise cables avoiding trip hazards and damages.  We are also able to offer cable spines for sit stand desks.

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