Port El has been acknowledged as the ideal solution for desk innovation by two local entrepreneurs


Project Outline

Two entrepreneurs from the North East of England, Michael White and Dave Green, embarked on their startup journey in a co-working center a few years ago, where they crossed paths while utilising the shared workspace for their respective businesses. This fortuitous encounter between a workspace designer and an electrical expert led to a fruitful collaboration. Michael and Dave delved into the idea of creating a completely novel concept for office desks. Their goal was to find a space-saving solution that could accommodate additional workstations in their bustling office.



Unio case study 1

Project Outcome

Introducing UNIO – a smart, ergonomic, and electrically adjustable desk that empowers users to effortlessly transition from sitting to standing at the touch of a button. Michael and Dave took full charge of the design and development of UNIO, receiving support along their startup journey from NBSL, RTC, Sunderland University, Sunderland City Council, Proto Design, Northern Design Network, as well as Newcastle and Northumbria universities.

Michael White stated, “During the prototyping phase, we sought a solution to power UNIO directly from the desktop. That’s when we reached out to Mr. Stuart Perriam from ABL (this was in 2018, before Covid), seeking guidance on the most suitable product for our needs. Stuart recommended the PORT EL, which we found to be sleek in appearance and perfectly complemented the shape and design of UNIO.”

UNIO can function as a standalone unit or be configured in groups of up to four. It is the only workstation worldwide that features an independently moving desk and monitor, offering support for movement and well-being in the workplace. Its space-saving corner design is customisable, complete with an overhead light and storage, and incorporates concealed core cables for a tidy appearance.

The desk is targeted towards a diverse range of sectors and markets, including call centers, conference centers, airports, hotels, universities, and co-working spaces.

Unio case study 2