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What is a monitor arm?

A high-quality flat screen monitor arm, although often overlooked, is an essential piece of office equipment designed to create an ergonomic desk and working environment. Monitor arms are used to replace the standard base of monitors, to improve efficiency, productivity and well-being of employees.

Types of monitor arms available

Gas monitor arms come in range of stylish colours, suitable for multiple office environments. If your office utilises a “hot-desk” approach then gas monitor arms are useful as they are easier to adjust and move around compared to non-gas monitor arms.

These also come in a rail monitor arm and double monitor arm options. We supply Gamma gas monitor arms and AERO gas monitor arms.

Non-gas monitor arms also come in a variety of colours. Unlike gas monitor arms, non-gas arms require you to clamp the monitor arm into position. We supply Glide monitor arms which are easy to adjust and manoeuvre.

Double monitor arms are also available at ABL and are offered in a range of colours.

Rail mounted monitor arms supplied by ABL include the HAFSA, Glide and Gamma range. They too come in a range of colours including silver, black and white. The rails run along the back of the desk or along a desk partition/wall, which removes the need for a desk mounted monitor arm providing more desk space for employees.

All the monitor arms offered come with in-built cable management to further organise your desks.

Things to consider when choosing a monitor arm?

It is important to pick the correct monitor arm depending on the needs of your office. Two of the main things to consider when choosing the right monitor arm are the weight of the monitor and how many monitors are mounted; single or dual monitors.

At ABL we have you covered with the variety of monitor arms available and the number of monitors they can support; from one monitor to 6 monitors!

Additionally, our monitor arms support ranges of weights from 8kg to maximum 13kg or 20kg. Therefore, there is a plethora of monitor arms supporting a range of different weights, the options are endless!

Reasons to implement monitor arms into your office

There are many benefits for employing monitor arms in the office, including the following –

Ergonomic advantages

All monitor arms are adjustable meaning they easily allow the desk user to place the screen at the correct eye level, height and angle, all of which encourages better posture and removes the need to strain over to view the screen. This is important because it ensures that employee well-being is maintained as constant straining causes problems to your body, which in turn could result in employees’ taking time off work. All our flat screen monitor arms are designed to help promote the correct posture.

Increases flexibility

Flat Screen Monitor Arms are designed to enhance maximum flexibility of the office environment. Increased flexibility in offices is a new phenomenon because it contributes to improved employee productivity. They allow for flexibility if the desk is used by multiple people as they are easily adjustable for individuals, which in turn allows for more collaboration between various groups of employees as they are not tied to one space.

Increases desktop space

Using monitor arms is highly useful because they can organise and free up valuable desk space, as the standard base is no longer required so the monitors are not sat directly on the desk itself. This is useful as it provides employees with more room to work and declutters the area.

Improves employee efficiency and productivity

Monitor arms create a comfortable working environment for your employees since they are no longer hunched over the screen, which improves employee productivity. Additionally, employees will spend less time adjusting and readjusting their desk space, since our monitor arms are seamless and easily adjustable. This results in more time for your employees to focus on their work further improving employee productivity and efficiency.

ABL cannot recommend the usefulness of monitor arms enough. Take a look at our range of monitors arms discussed about here. Contact our experts for more information on our monitor arms and other office equipment on 0800 082 1444.

Who are ABL?

ABL are leading suppliers of innovative office furniture to improve productivity and collaboration. We supply a large range of office equipment, including top of the range monitor arms, to enhance the working environment with seamlessness and flexibility.

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