Ergonomic accessories is what we do

ABL established in 2003 as a small family owned business selling a range of ergonomic office furniture accessories. Two product which remains in ABL’s portfolio includes the FSA formerly known as the HAFSA and the DTK power module which has been redesigned and adapted to today’s office trends. (now known as Chroma) Throughout the years, ABL’s brand has significantly changed from the strap lines and logo design, however the ethos of helping the end user work Faster, Tidier and Smarter has been an ever-going motto which we work to even today!

With over ten years’ experience, ABL is known as a reputable supplier of ergonomic office furniture accessories within four product categories – Power Modules, Flat Screen Monitor Arms, Cable Management and CPU Holders.

Flat Screen monitor arms:

Our range of flat screen monitor arms consist of 3 ranges – Strela, the popular FSA and newly released Sigma flat screen monitor arm. Our range of monitor arms are available as single and doubles and meet the needs of the end user as all arms can be positioned to the correct viewing preferences to avoid back and posture issues in the long run.

Power Modules:

ABL’s range of power modules are designed within three categories – in desk, on desk and under desk. Our range includes Chroma on desk power, Port-El in-desk power, PMK under desk, Aero Flip in desk power, Conference in desk and the newly release wireless chargers designed to power QI enabled devices. ABL’s power modules (excluding wireless chargers) are BS6396 certified which means that they comply to British standards. They are also available to configure with a choice of popular configurations including Smart Charge, USB, Data and HDMI to name a few.

Cable management:

Do you have tangled cables under your desk? We have the answer to help you resolve this! ABL’s range of cable management products help organise all those cables neatly to help stop damages and fraying cables. Our popular wire basket and cable spine range is the solution to all your under-desk cable chaos as they allow cables to be added or removed with ease.

CPU Holders:

CPU towers are still used in many offices round the world. Why not protect yours with our popular CPU holder! They have been designed to help maximise space, provide better access to cables/ ports and reduce damages to the PC. Additional products are also available including locking sets which makes it the perfect solution for any office/ educational establishment.

We are always looking for ways to help provide our customers with innovative ergonomic accessories and have some exciting news to help all our customers work Faster, Tidier and Smarter… Watch this space!