Three types of offices

Three types of offices

Our clients ask us for innovative solutions to their office layouts and features. For good reason too, efficiency and well being are contingent on an ergonomic and inspiring work space. Another factor to consider is that everyone responds differently to certain approaches and features. Some people like to walk on treadmills while they write email, others like to rotate their desks weekly, while some people need complete seclusion.
Crafting a work space that responds to the dynamism and vision of your company is no mean feat, so we have decided to lay out three different approaches that have been taken by highly reputable business people.

1) Organised Mayhem

From newsrooms to stock exchanges, some work sites need to be as agile as the world around them. They say cleanliness is next to godliness but some desks just can’t function without 5 screens, 1 landline, a mountain of paperwork, 3 cups of coffee, a desk fan, 2 bottles of water and a mobile phone.
ABL has you covered if you work in this fashion. We provide versatile flat-screen monitor arms which can hold up to five screens! We also stock premium power modules, along with smart charge USB power modules, a necessity offices with a high volume of hardware require.

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2) Transparency

Since the digital revolution, there has been a paradigm shift in the way that the workforce perceives and implements managerial hierarchy. Based on this premise we are starting to see offices move towards an open plan, or ‘bullpen’ type of arrangement. C-level executives are also starting to let down the veil, setting up their offices in plain sight or next to an intern.
A good example of this is Kevin Chou, cofounder of Kabam, who eloquently says that “sitting out in the open without barriers or privacy can be distracting but it’s certainly worth the rare inconvenience. The openness is significant in its symbolism at the very top.”
To facilitate your open office arrangement, we have excellent compact monitor arms which come in a range of colours. Our monitor arms not only allows you to free up space on your desk, but also reduces neck strain and back pain!

3) Innovation

There are a multitude of office options available for small to medium sized businesses. It is up to you to decide what works best. Many of our clients want to have no cords visible, while some have employees that prefer to stand while working.
There are limitless options for how an office is laid out and maintained. But some companies go the extra step to revitalise workplace dynamics. One such company is IDEO. This innovation consultancy has a rotating desk system, whereby every employee moves desk each week to inspire colleagues from different disciplines.
Our core goal is to facilitate your office needs — whether it is a standard office layout or a more innovative, out-of-the-ordinary setup. Our cables and cable management products cater to business of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are trying to achieve a crisp aesthetic and or quirky layout, ABL has the expertise and premium products to make it work.

ABL appreciates that every business is different, and a part of the understanding is realising that there is no perfect way to setup your office space. Our mission is to ensure that our products match your requirements and requests. Whether you need a face lift or a complete overhaul, ABL will make sure that your visions become a reality!

To discuss our product range, give us a call today on 01933 400 080 or visit our products page. We look forward to hearing from you!