BS 6396: 2022 Electrical systems in furniture

What is the BS 6396?

The British Standards Institution has published a new revision of BS 6396, which specifies requirements for the provision and assembly of electrical power distribution systems in furniture, excluding special purpose workstations in laboratories or workshops.


What are the specifications covered by BS 6396:2022?

  • This British Standard covers requirements for furniture electrical power distribution systems at rated voltages up to 250 V, supplied by fixed wiring of a 13 A fused plug and socket outlet and/or derived from batteries at a nominal voltage not exceeding 48 V.


  • The configurations of socket outlets connected to a single supply shall be:

a) No more than four sockets fused or has other overcurrent protection rated at not more than 5 A

o more than four sockets 5A


b) No more than six sockets fused or has other overcurrent protection rated at not more than 3.15 A

no more than six sockets 3.15A


  • Regarding the permitted number of sockets, the total power of connected ELV components (USB chargers/ Wireless chargers) shall be up to 150 W connected to the single supply.

5A with ELV    5A

3.15A with ELV   3.15A


Note: In case of exceeding 150 W, the number of sockets shall be reduced:

  • For every 5 A socket removed, max 700 W of ELV shall be connected
  • For every 3.15 A socket removed, max 500 W of ELV shall be connected


  • Circuit breakers integrated into the power modules shall conform to BS EN IEC 60934 and shall be of the non-self-resetting type. Additionally, circuit breakers (resettable fuses/ thermal reset) shall provide one of the following:


b) The operating means shall not be accessible without the use of a tool

c) The operating means shall not be accessible unless the load is disconnected.


  • A power supply cable shall be not more than 2 m in the exposed length.

It shall be ensured that the furniture supplied cables are free of strains and twisting, with appropriate cable segregation provided.

BS 6396

  • Finally, electrical equipment, components, and accessories according to BS 6396:2022 shall conform to relevant British Standards or European Standards and shall be used within the manufacturer’s declared ratings.


So, does ABL conform to BS 6396?

ABL’s well-established network of UK partners including furniture dealers and distributors are aware of our 100% in-house manufacture, which allows us overall control and ensured conformity to BS 6396. In addition to this, our power modules are certified with BSI Kitemark 686563 in respect of BS 5733. For more than 100 years, the BSI Kitemark™ has been recognized as a symbol of outstanding quality, safety, and trust across a wide range of products and services. You can verify our certification here.


BS 6396-2022 (5.5.8.): Electrical components and their assemblies used in the electrical power distribution system of the furniture shall conform to BS 5733 and/or applicable British or harmonized standards appropriate to the intended use of the equipment.”


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