Choosing the right Power Module for you

ABL’s power modules

At ABL we supply and distribute a comprehensive range of desktop power modules for the office, designed to meet all your needs. Our power modules include sleek and innovative designs with fantastic new features that you may not even be aware of!

Do your power modules need updating?

Your power modules may need updating, particularly if you find that there is a shortage of power sockets available for the increasing technology used by your employees.

You may find that your current power modules are a potential health and safety hazard due to wires being stretched out around the office. If this is the case, then contact our team to find out more information on our fantastic ranges.

Our outstanding range of desktop power modules includes DTK, Aero flip, Port-El and the newly released Chroma power module. Our range also includes the Konsort module which is under desk power!

Our power modules are designed to integrate into the existing office layout with ease! Our Konnective range sits on the desk whereas our Port-El range sits in the desk itself and the Konsort range is placed under the desk! Regardless of what you choose, all modules are equipped with easy to install clamping fixtures making them robust and durable!

Our power modules range in colour and size depending on your office requirements. The contemporary power modules come in white, black, silver and grey which will match your existing office interior. Our newly released Chroma module includes interchangeable colourful rings which can be used to showcase your brand identity or simply bring some colour to your desk!

Our power modules are designed to meet your needs! We provide a range of configurations including data, HDMI, VGA, power and smart charge (the most powerful USB charger on the market).

Our Aero Flip power modules comes with incorporated HDMI ports, which is highly useful in boardrooms. Also, some of our power modules come with Ethernet ports allowing employees to connect to the internet with ease.

At ABL we only supply the best and most efficient equipment to improve your office environment. Contact our experts today for more information on our products and the power modules available to you.

Did you know that all of ABL’s range of power modules are designed and moulded in their warehouse. Products are tested on function and cosmetic appearance as well as complying to British standards. Customers can have peace of mind knowing they have a quality product that operates safely, free from inferior imported components. All power modules are equipped with a spare fuse that is patented to ABL!

ABL aims to help each and every employee work Faster, Tidier and Smarter and with the ever changing devices now used in the office, what better way to complement them then with ABL’s power modules!

To find out more information on our desktop power modules, give our team a call on 0800 082 1444.

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