Help promote a healthy workspace with ABL’s cable management solutions

Sit or Stand cable spine

Our ergonomic office accessories are designed to help all end-users work efficiently and safely in the workplace, we offer a range of products designed to help improve posture, reduce neck and back pain and promote an organised office desk that avoids trip hazards. Our range of under desk cable management solutions not only help avoid trip hazards but also help maintain a neat and organised office. ABL’s range of cable management products help increase space and reduce cable chaos.

Cable spines – A cable spine is designed to feed all device cables through to under desk power including PC, telephones and charging plugs in order provide a neat and organised desk. The heavy base at the bottom of the cable spine stops it from moving round easily. The cable spine is equipped with 13 increments and cables can be inserted from each side making it easy to remove later if needed. The product length is 790mm and will neatly fold if needed. Available in 3 colours, ABL’s cable spine is a great addition to any office.

Sit/ stand cable spine – ABL’s height adjustable cable spines have been designed to work with the latest trending sit/ stand desks. Work and stay healthy at the same time! These fantastic spines can extend or fold depending on whether you want to stand or sit at your desk. Its flexible design keeps all your cables and wires organised and free from damage and knots. Our sit/stand cable spine are available in 3 colours (black, white & Silver).

Another advantage of using cable spines in the work space is to reduce damages to the cables. Frayed and damaged cables can lead to exposing live wires which is in violation with British Standard 6396. ABL’s cable spines provide individual compartments for different cables which prevents interference and damage.

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