The importance of using a smart charge

Fast charge technology is becoming increasingly common. You may have heard of Qualcomm®.  Qualcomm® Quick Charge technology powers your devices faster than conventional charging, allowing you to spend less time connected to outlets. However there are still many aftermarket and dangerous products on the market which can damage your devices and in serious cases, cause fires.
You may have heard this often: “my phone’s battery doesn’t last as long as it used to,” or “I charged it all night and it is already dead,” or ‘”my phone and charger gets very hot when charging.”

If you are having any battery issues, you may want to ask yourself: Are you using the charger that the phone’s manufacturer supplied in the box? Did you buy an aftermarket charger? Are you using a different manufacturer’s charger to charge your phone even though it is not the same brand? Did you buy a car charger, or a low budget cable for your power module?

Since most phones these days have the same MicroUSB, USB Type C, or Lightning-Connector, any charger seems to fit. We assume, since it fits, it must be fine. However, what you might not know is that not only could you be damaging your phone, but you could void the phone’s warranty!

The cause of this issue was the attempted standardisation by manufacturers to adopt a uniform charger connector. The thinking behind this move was that you can make use of any charger, and expand the chargers life. This would reduce e-waste which is a win for the environment. However, whilst the physical design of the connectors was adopted the circuit paths inside the chargers and devices are not universal. In other words, the connectors are the same size but the specifications themselves are not the same. Therefore, just because the connector fits, it doesn’t mean that you should use just any USB charger.

ABL Qualcomm 3.0 Smart Charge enables the port to “talk” to the plugged in device, and only provide the optimal amount of power needed to re-charge it! It will never overcharge or overheat, and it will prevent draining your device’s battery life span prematurely, as once fully charged the power will stop. You will never need to worry about leaving your device plugged in again – it’s the ultimate power management solution. ABL USB smart charge has LED indicators that signalize if there is an issue, and it turns off in case there is a problem detected, so there is no danger whatsoever.

QC 3 voltage varies from 3-20V and delivers faster and more economical charging when compared to QC2.

Remember, whether at home or in the office, always make sure that you use the right USB technology which will preserve your battery and extend your phone’s life.