The new modern-day office space

Modern office trends provide colleagues with a fresh perspective and exciting views on how they work every day. The conventional work space is a thing of the past as breakout areas, gaming rooms, relaxation spaces and making the office “green” is in!

Building an office space which facilitates the needs of your employee is key to help increase productivity! From pool tables to moss on the wall, your employees will reap the benefits from working in a comfortable yet fun space!

ABL are passionate about helping every work space work faster, tidier and smarter by offering a range of ergonomic office furniture accessories including our newly improved smart charge configuration facility allowing the end user to charge a variety of devices quickly and safely.

Whilst providing a modern space in the workplace, companies need to ensure the wellbeing of all its employees by creating a safe environment to work in. ABL are proud to offer a range of office accessories to help improve and promote health and safety. ABL’s range of monitor arms are carefully designed to easily move and position the screen to the correct eye level to help reduce lower neck pain.

Monitor arms are designed to be ergonomic and space-saving and all ABL arms do just that! With a functional, simple design that is quick to assemble, ABL’s range of flat screen monitor arms offers height and tilt adjustability providing comfort for the end-user. All our arms also feature a new quick release VESA plate and a variety of clamp types making it even easier to install and set up. All our arms are available as a single and double and some brands can facilitate up to 6 monitors!

Need some further information on our range of ergonomic office furniture? Give our friendly sales team a call on +44 (0) 1933 400 080.

ABL Helping you work Faster, Tidier and Smarter!