Fuse changes for PMK Under Desk Power Modules

ABL’s best-selling PMK under desk power module range is a popular solution for office power provision.  Our PMK modules are designed to be easily connected to each other or to another ABL power product, facilitating more complicated requirements.  Available with 2-6 sockets and compatible data housings, PMK remains a favoured solution among our customers due to its flexibility.

PMK power modules have traditionally been supplied with either 5amp or 3.15amp fused sockets along with guidance on fusing requirements for office equipment and safe installation in line with the British Standard BS6396.  However, from September 2019 all PMK power modules will be supplied with 3.15amp fuses only.

Under desk modules with 3.15amp fuses allows greater flexibility for the end user through allowing more combinations of power modules to be connected to one supply.  ABL power modules are only designed for use with office equipment so there is no reduction in functionality as 3.15amps is sufficient for the majority of office equipment.

The change to PMK fusing is part of a wider movement towards supplying 3.15amps as standard in all power products and will be phased across all our power module ranges.

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