Is USB charging safe?

Our devices are forever changing and new emerging trends including wireless charging, 5G and QI enabled technologies are here. Now a day’s phones and tablets only come with a USB cable which provides charge to your phone in the same time it would take to charge with a plug. USB’s charging sockets are now within many devices including office plugs and laptops which makes it quick and easy to charge devices with ease.

ABL are proud to offer a range of in desk, on desk and under desk products with facilitate charging capabilities, our popular smart charge configuration available in our in desk and on desk power modules allows you to charge you device safely as all our smart chargers only provide the optimum supply needed. Once 100% full power is given, the Smart Charge will simply stop providing power, reducing chances of phones overheating and draining the battery (in the long run).

Based on a test both USB and Power plugs charge in the same amount of time from 0% to 100% in just under 2 hours (laptop).

All ABL power modules have been tested and comply to British standards, therefore we are proud to say that charging your device via a USB or plug will both provide optimum charge safely.

Did you know the difference with USB smart Charge and USB data? Read our blog to find out more information on these two popular configurations.

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