The Importance of Good Cable Management

When considering office layouts, one aspect which can sometimes be neglected or misunderstood is the importance of having a good cable management system. Increasing use of technology in the workplace comes with an increasing need for different cables and wires to deliver power and connectivity. When proper consideration is not given to managing these connections, the end result can often be a tangled mess of cables hidden behind desks.

Insufficient cable management is not just an aesthetical issue, however, it is an important Health and Safety concern. Exposed and tangled cables can be a trip hazard and are likely to be a violation of the British Standard BS6396,  along with being in danger of becoming pinched and frayed, damaging the outer protection and exposing live wires.

Damaged cables can result in incorrect or intermittent power delivery to equipment such as laptops. These spikes of power can cause heat damage to the internal components, causing faults and a risk of combustion. Electrical fires can spread quickly via carpets and threaten the entire building. Faulty cables also carry the risk of electrocution while connected.

ABL offers a range of Cable Management solutions to keep your cables and wires tidy and free of damage, including our new Height Adjustable Cable Spine which is ideal for use with Sit/Stand desks. The Cable Spine protects your leads and keeps them tangle free. Its stylish design is available in Black or White, providing a neat finish to your office environment, while supporting compliance with British Standards. The internal segregation keeps power and data connections separate, preventing interference.

ABL appreciates that every business is different, and a part of this understanding is realising that there is no perfect way to setup your office space. Our mission is to ensure that our products match your requirements and requests. Whether you need a face lift or a complete overhaul, ABL will make sure that your visions become a reality! Please call our friendly sales team on +44 (0)1993 400080 for more information.

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